Exam (2009)

Saw the 2009 thriller Exam tonight to take a break from watching the Summer Olympics. Eight candidates enter a room to take am employment test to join a powerful, mysterious company. Tensions rise as the clock counts down from 80 minutes to 0. This movie looks at how far people will go for the ultimate job.

Weeds (Season 2 “Corn Snake”, “Cooking with Jesus”, “Last Tango in Paris”, and “A.K.A The Plant”) and Breaking Bad (Hazard Pay)

Watched several Weeds Season 2 episodes including “Corn Snake”, “Cooking with Jesus”, “Last Tango in Paris”, and A.K.A The Plant”.   Nancy and friends are setting up their grow house.  Enjoyed tonight’s episode of Breaking Bad called   “Hazard Pay”. Walt and Jesse are now cooking again in houses that are tented for fumigation. Walt is not happy that Mike is taking a cut of each person’s money to pay the nine jailed men that used to work for Gus.


Finished up the last two episodes of the first year of Workaholics season one from 2010.  Looking forward to when season two will be on Netflix. This show is well written and hilarious. Blake Anderson is so funny in this series. If you haven’t watched this series, give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

Newsroom & Workaholics

Watched the Newsroom from last night.  It was centered around the resignation of the dictator in Egypt and Valentines Day.  It further exploresd the relationship of Jeff Daniels character Will and his executive producer, ex-girlfriend Mackenzie played by Emily Mortimer. We also watched two episodes of Workaholics where they celebrated half christmas in July and a visit to a Jugalos concert event. Very funny stuff.

Breaking Bad & Newsroom

Sunday night TV was great with Breaking Bad and  last week’s The Newsroom.  Episode 4 of this season’s Breaking Bad was exciting as usual. It is good to see that Walter and Jesse are going to go back to cooking meth. In the new series The Newsroom, it was fun to watch how they continue to develop the characters and how this weeks episode was tied in with the shooting of Congressman Gifford in January 2011.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012), The House of the Devil (2009) & Workaholics

We saw The Dark Night Rises this afternoon at Universal Studios City Walk here in LA and absolutely loved it.  I will be writing a review of it tomorrow.  We then watched The House of the Devil.   It was cool that it was filmed  in 2009 and was in the style of an 80s satanic murder horror film.  After this movie, we watched a couple of episodes of  season one Workaholics. This series is pretty funny. Kind of reminds me of Office Space with druggies.

Contact (1997)

What a terrible tragedy last night. At the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises, there was a senseless mass murder in Colorado. My son was at a 3:40 am showing in downtime LA so I was concerned until he got home. Tonight he and I watched the movie Contact with Jodie Foster from 1997. The movie still holds up well especially when Matthew McConaughey questions how technology has improved our lives. Also, the movie really makes you think that there is a possibility that there is life out there.