Arrow (Season 1, Episode 4) “Innocent Man”

The episode summary from is as follows: “While juggling his relationship withLaurel, Oliver discovers that one of the men on his list has framed an innocent man. Meanwhile, Thea helps Oliver withLaurel, and Walter has an employee look into a withdrawal that Moira made from the company accounts.”  Oliver invites John to join his crime fighting team and John is initially upset but then later decides to join him.  Oliver helpsLaurelget the evidence to release the innocent man. We then have another cliff hanger when Oliver is arrested for being the masked vigilante. This series is really getting good.

Arrow (Season 1, Episode 3) “Lone Gunmen”’s summary of this episode is as follows: “Oliver learns that he is not the only person inStarCitythat is flying under the radar of the police. An assassin named Deadshot is targeting businessmen bidding on an energy project, and Walter is one of the men involved. Oliver has no choice but to turn to Detective Lance for help to protect his family while he taken on the killer.”  This was an exciting episode where Deadshot uses poisoned bullets to kill his victims. If the bullet does not kill you the poison will. We also learn more about what happened on the island that was not deserted.