Person of Interest (Season 2, Episode 3) “Masquerade”

From Huggo on IMBD:  “Finch’s recent abduction and captivity by Root has affected his psyche, which may or may not be helped by adjusting to life with his new roommate. Despite Finch’s problems, the machine still dispenses numbers, the latest being for twenty-one year old Sofia Campos, the daughter of Brazilian diplomat and aspiring Brazilian presidential candidate, Hector Campos. FollowingSofiamay be Reese’s biggest challenge to date, as she is a smart but spoiled young woman with a mind of her own who dislikes the overly protected life of a diplomat and potential presidential candidate’s daughter. She would rather go shopping on her own, or clubbing or hanging out with her friends, most specifically her best girlfriend Gabi, and her American boyfriend, Jack Hughes, of whose existence her protective father is unaware. Reese figures the best way to stay close toSofiais to get a job as her bodyguard. AsSofiatries to lose Reese at every turn, she may inadvertently set herself up to that unknown threat, which may come from the people she least expects. Meanwhile, Carter and Fusco continue their investigation into Alicia Corwin’s death. In doing so, Carter runs into an old nemesis.”  This series is worth watching and always entertaining.  The special relationship between Reese and Finch gives a human touch to the stories.

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