Dexter (Season 7, Episode 9) “Helter Skelter”

From garykmcd on IMBD, “Isaak Sirko learns that the Koshka Brotherhood has sent two assassins toMiamito eliminate him. Surprisingly he turns to Dexter with a proposition: help him eliminate the assassins in return for his life. Dexter’s not too keen on the proposal and turns him down. Isaak acquires a trump card however: he’s taken Hannah hostage and now offers him her life as well. Dexter also has to deal with Deb who is embarrassed by her earlier admission to Dexter that she’s in love with him. Hannah meanwhile keeps trying to get Dexter to open up to her. Captain LaGuerta approaches her former boss with her theory about the Bay Harbor Butcher but he blows her off…at first.”  This was a surprising episode in that Dexter actually becomes sort of friends with Isaak even though he kidnapped Hannah. They relate to each other when it comes to killing people.  Hannah was stabbed and we think she is dead until Deb calls an ambulance after taking the pulse of Hannah laying in a pool of blood.  Dexter really loves Hannaha and it will be fun to see how long they will be together before something awful happens again.

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