Breaking Bad & Newsroom

The Breaking Bad episode tonight was called “Buyout” and it was again one of the best hours you could spend watching Television this week.  Watching them break apart and place the kid’s motorbike parts in the drum and pour in the acid was creepy enough but then when they dig through the dirt in the truck and uncover the body of the boy and then set up another drum, the creepiness is notched up to a new level. Also, the dinner scene was awesome with Jesse trying to break the tension with conversation.  I am glad that Walter is not taking the buyout of the chemical and wants to continue building his empire since he has ruined his family life anyway.

The Newsroom episode tonight was called “The Blackout Part II: Mock Debate” and it was enjoyable too. The mock debate with the new debate format was demonstrated for a republican party official and it did not go over well.  Also Neal went undercover as an internet troll and there was some funny interaction between him and the financial news girl.

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