Mama (2013)

Mama is a very creepy, horror story which is summarized Jason Buchanan’s synopsis on Fandango; “A loving couple learns that their two adopted nieces have brought a dark secret into their home in this foreboding domestic thriller from executive producer Guillermo delToro (Pan’s Labyrinth), and director Andy Muschietti. Victoria and Lilly were just little girls when their father murdered their mother. In the aftermath of that tragedy, both girls disappeared without a trace. Desperate, their Uncle Lucas (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and his girlfriend Annabel (Jessica Chastain searched everywhere for the missing girls. Five years later, Victoria and Lilly are both found living in a derelict cabin deep in the woods. Incredibly, they’ve managed to survive on their own, though years of isolation have left them both in a feral state, and unable to communicate. Without hesitation, Lucas and Annabel welcome the two frightened girls into their home, and work hard to make them feel comfortable. But when a series of ominous events lead Lucas and Annabel to suspect that Victoria and Lilly share ties to an evil beyond human comprehension, the couple must discern whether the two young girls are merely dealing with the emotional aftershocks of a life-altering tragedy, or have attracted a force that could destroy their family all over again.”  This move had a good combination jump out at you scary scenes and truly terrifying scenes that keep you in the edge of yoru seat.  The ghost was really horrific and it was revealed to us early in the movie. Unfortunately by the end of the movie, we were seeing too much of the ghost and it made it less scary.  All and all it is a good, creepy horror movie worth watching with an ending that will actually surprise you since not everyone lives happily ever after.

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